RIT joins the designers accord

By Alex Lobos

the designers accord is a global coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders, working together to create positive environmental and social impact (from their website).

RIT-ID recently joined “the accord” and we’re all really excited about that 🙂 … they offer a lot of cool information (including a new education kit), organize great events, etc…  but most important, they connect people and places that are interested in using design for the greater good of society and the planet!

want to learn more about “the accord”? … go here: www.designersaccord.org

how do you think that RIT-ID can contribute to the accord? how can we benefit from this connection?


2 thoughts on “RIT joins the designers accord

  1. Ana Maria Leal

    RIT-ID can contribute to the accord in many instances but the most important is to demonstrate that ID education is focusing on the realities and needs from today’s world and as such is responding with curricula and solutions that interface the environment and the society.

    On the other hand, the Accord will bring a pool of examples, visions, applications, and real stories of how designers approach sustainability and use design as the means to solve many of the issues arising from unsustainable practices of our society. The accord will definitely provide resources for us to judge and create a position on sustainable design, considering all the many factors that constraint a full sustainability approach.


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