Rebuilding PC’s

By Alex Lobos

at the tour of RCRR, a question came up on refurbishing computers and passing them on to users with more needs and less technological demands… although the answer was that this is not feasible, they are several companies that actually do this. take for example PC Rebuilders and Recyclers out in chicago ( ). here’s a link to a video of what they do:

one of the programs that they have is to rebuild old computers so that they are suitable for most environments (schools, web browsing, etc). the computers are normally sold for less than $200 (that includes computer, monitor, keyboard/mouse and windows operating system). PCCR’s founder and ceo, willie cade, came to rit last winter and gave a lecture on e-waste and he’s an active voice in the e-waste-solving-community (he has even testified to congress on this subject).

do you think this type of solution is valid, relevant, feasible? does it make a significant impact in the e-waste problem?


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