Walmart to Index Product’s Eco-Impact

Walmart has announced its intention to place eco-labels on products in their stores. Walmart joins other large companies such as Kellogg’s,HP, and Disney in collaborating with the Sustainability Consortium. The Consortium website claims that its task is to “develop transparent methodologies, tools and strategies to drive a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social and economic imperatives.” Timberland, the outdoor clothing and footwear company, has implemented eco-labeling on some of its products and plans to launch its Green Index for all products by 2012.

Is this an example of “Green Washing” or industry attempting to legitimately understand the environmental impact of their products? Do you think consumers need an oversimplified index or Is the public educated enough to understand sustainability metrics such as GWP ( global warming potential ), equivalent CO2 emissions, and life cycle energy usage?

Listen to the story on NPR – click here:   Wal-Mart to Index Products\’ Eco Impact



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