Nokia Files Patent for Kinetically Charged Cell Phone

According to this article, Nokia has received a patent for their application of kinetic energy as a source of power for mobile phones.  This means that the technology is not only a concept, but is applicable as solutions for today.  Merriam-Websters Dictionary states that kinetic energy is energy that is associated with motion.  This technology was patented and applied to cell phones, but I feel that there is potential for this to be used for other products.  Considering that laptops are inherently meant to be portable, the motion that results from transporting the computer to and from the home to office or home to school, could potentially generate enough energy to operate a computer. 

I am by no means an expert on kinetic energy and it’s possibilities or limitations.  However, with further study, I could see this theory being used to use apply the motion of typing on the keys to creating the energy needed to power the computer.  Possibly a high performance computer would not have enough energy to support it from kinetic energy alone, but perhaps it could become a supplemental power source to plugging your computer in.  Maybe even a lower performance computer could be run solely off of this kind of energy.  It would be interesting to see if someone could do enough research to find if this is a viable sustainable resource and try to apply it to laptop technology.



One thought on “Nokia Files Patent for Kinetically Charged Cell Phone

  1. Erinn Ryen

    I like this! Leveraging kinetic energy would be great for people, especially kids who move CONSTANTLY. I have a son like that! It would also force people to get off their chairs and exercise. So its good for the environment and people’s health!


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