Roll-Up Laptop Screen Technology to be Developed

These flex screens give designers a new approach when it comes to form. Can we use this to make even thiner products that use less materials and give us a window to be more creative and less constrained by fragile thick glass screen which we use today. Sadly the economic down turn has put a slight hold on the release of this and other competitors products. However the technology forefront once again opens our minds to the continual advancements we can make. The question is, can we use this technology as an opportunity to develop well designed sustainable products. This advancement gives a rare opportunity to take the right approach to smart competitive and sustainable design.



4 thoughts on “Roll-Up Laptop Screen Technology to be Developed

  1. elliott

    i’m excited for this material. being able to put a flexible screen into soft goods would be pretty amazing and lends more to mobile computing.

  2. Jay Hyun Kim

    I think this is very innovative invention. If this roll-up screen gets popularized, I think it will change lots of electronic devices design.

  3. Yuri K Fukamati

    I believe this is the future! Over the years most products (if not all) have become smaller and smaller. So why not have a screen that one can roll? But I think Marc is right, we have all this new technology and materials but we have to see that as an opportunity to use them in a way that allows us to be sustainable as well.

  4. sean petterson

    This is a great concept. Nokia has just released their flexable cell phone design. I am excited to see the technological developments are underway and can’t wait to see the impact this concept has on the world.


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