Earth Home Communities by Sustainable Design Group

As  I was browsing around for an article to post I came across this
interesting website for the Sustainable Design Group that’s based in
Maryland. The Sustainably Design Group helps build eco-friendly homes
and communities all around the world that incorporate both ecological
and energy efficient designs known as Earth Homes.
Their goal with these Earth Homes is to construct communities that
create a balanced harmony with man and nature, and help promote a more
positive influence on how people interact with their environment. They
have developed communities in third world countries and in other
places around the globe, by using new technologies and innovative
ideas that allow homes to be more self- sufficient, and completely
independent of electricity, water, and sewer grids. I was really
impressed to see just how many elements of the Earth Home work
together seamlessly to create these self- sustaining neighborhoods.

Check out all the details of the Earth Home Systems here:



One thought on “Earth Home Communities by Sustainable Design Group

  1. Joe Lapke

    I really like this article you posted. I have herd of many sustainable homes being designed and built, but never saw one that is very affordable. My father is a contractor for constructing homes and ventilation, and a lot of new environmentally safe and energy efficient materials/components are very expensive on the initial investment. Here i see a home engineered to where there is little to no utilities involved and yet meet to the needs a home is supposed to serve in terms of protection and waste management.


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