Asus Airo: CES 2009’s coolest concept notebook

Asus Airo concept laptop design was introduced at CES.  According to this article the Airo’s fold/unfold system is said to have been based on a folding bicycle, which isn’t immediately clear when looking at it. What is clear, and impressive, is the sliding keyboard which is pushed forward when the notebook is shut and moves backward and tilts when it is opened. By raising up it makes typing more comfortable and exposes vents where hot air can leave the interior of the notebook. The system was not outfitted with components so no details on the parts are available. While the Airo will probably never see production, a designer did say that Asus could have them released in about 18 months if such a project was given the go-ahead.  In my opinion, this concept design was breaking the stereotype of laptop. It provided ergonomic keyboard and great ventilation due to have space under the keyboard. I think this concept is good to know while we are doing this laptop project in class.

– Jay Hyun Kim


One thought on “Asus Airo: CES 2009’s coolest concept notebook

  1. Courtney

    I liked that someone wrote something on an Asus product. Asus is such an interesting company, they are actually a great company for this project. They are very interested in promoting energy efficiency and work hard to come up with a lot of green products. Our group actually used them as the company we would use to sell our product because out of all the companies we researched, they were the most interested in their social and environmental responsibility. Their designs focus primarily on easy disassembly and easy recycling. Also, they customize mechanical parts for their products so they can better assess the LCA impact of these parts. They follow the “no-regret policy” to carry out their GHG Reduction Plan to reduce the carbon footprint of these products. Overall, they are very driven by environmental protection.


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