How Sustainability Fuels Design Innovation

(Steven D. Eppinger, interviewed by Michael S. Hopkins)

Here is an Article I found on The MIT Sloan Management Review.  It is an article by Michael Hopkins. He is conducting an Interview with Stephen Eppinger. Stephen is a management science and innovation professor at MIT. In addition a self-taught engineer. The article talks about how everyone should be approaching sustainability product design the most feasible way. He sees the sustainability topic as an area of innovation. Innovation where we can make strides to be environmentally conscious; however, we can’t panic and try to solve everything at once. Trying to take a huge chunk out of the problem doesn’t help the financial side and the environment. Small steps taken allows opportunity for innovation in every new design. I think that quick summery would be relevant towards what were doing. We can constantly make great designs for every small step we take, instead of trying to do everything at once.

-Joe Lapke


One thought on “How Sustainability Fuels Design Innovation

  1. mustafizur rahman

    I really love this concept of little contribution in a bigger problem, like environmental issue and energy crisis are big issue of present time but no one can solve this issue at once ,it need a little contribution from every action, but consistent.
    And every thought of contribution in this bigger problem will bring new innovation for present and future sustainability.


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