New Green Products

I also thought these were interesting new products.  It shows that even some of the most mundane, commonplace products that have never really been changed, can be redesigned to help reduce the amount that we waste daily. Most people do not think about what is wasted in the products we use routinely, like the water that is wasted by using the bathroom, something that everyone has to do quite a few times daily, or the power used to run a clock. But, a difference can be made even in products that we do not believe effect the environment all that much.



2 thoughts on “New Green Products

  1. Jay Hyun Kim

    The ‘No-Flush’ urinals looks very good idea to ideal with waste of water. I did not know that each urinal can save approx. 45,000 gallons of water per year.
    It was very impressive it can save this much of water. I think it is good technology for green innovation.

  2. elliott

    i would defiantly like to see more of the no flush urinals introduced into society, as water is one of our most precious resources. its one of those things a great deal people overlook or don’t pay attention to. this product can save both on water reserves and the energy it would take to treat that water after it has been used.


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