Green ArchiTEXT: Treehouse Rising

Green ArchiTEXT has combined nature and the ever growing population with a classic idea. The tree house, as times change it becomes even more prevalent that we are constantly reminded of why would should strive for sustainability and this concept of living more closely with nature (while sustaining normalcy) is a constant reminder to the occupants. Once emmerased into a society it is easyer to understand the society, and this concept does that with humans trying to understand nature.

-Richard L.


3 thoughts on “Green ArchiTEXT: Treehouse Rising

  1. Josh

    I love the look and feel of tree-houses and their connection to the environment around then is a great way to build positive feelings towards conservation. That being said, from a building point of view I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is the time invested in building such a house significantly longer then for a more standard environmental conscious home?
    2. how are heating and cool effected by the lack of ground connection? positively or negatively?
    3. What long-term problems are created from building around a tree? falling branches, dieing tree etc.

  2. Ana Maria

    This is a great example of the change we’re seeing in integrating the built and natural environment. Today, nature in conceived as integral part of the building, shifting the concept of dwelling. Before nature was an added decor element and now the built environment is developed in concert with its surroundings. Both environments work as an integrated system.

  3. Kari Calenzo

    I love this idea on so many levels. One of the reasons I think it is so interesting is that it will be used to house a school where children be living, working and engaging with the environment on a daily basis. One of the ways we can start to change human’s relationship with the environment, is by fostering a bond between the two groups from the beginning. If children learn to appreciate the environment and nature from a young age, they will appreciate the environment as adults when they are making decisions that affect our eco-system from now until forever. Also you are giving children a chance to learn in a tree house! What child, or even adult, wouldn’t love that?

    I also enjoy that this design was picked from a pool of undergraduate college student’s designs. I think it’s great that they were giving students a chance to create an innovative and engaging design for this school.


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