Know Your Mushrooms!

When we think of mushrooms, we would typically think of them 3 ways
1 The common edible mushrooms we’re familiar with,
2 The unfamiliar, wild kind that we deem poisonous and stay clear of during a hike, and
3 The strange, yet interesting, psychedelic effects of the ‘magic shrooms’ (that we’ve only heard about, of course!)

For those that are organically health conscious, we recognize the ‘medicinal tree mushrooms’ (e.g. Reishi, Chaga, etc.) and their tremendously benevolent effects they have on our immune system.

But going beyond the knowledge of our consumption of these fascinating life forms, Mycologists have been gaining insight to the greater purpose they serve in nature. Paul Stamets calls mushrooms, “Nature’s Recyclers.” They rapidly break down deal material into nutrients that other organisms can use. Here, he explains how they provide a natural alternative to large scale processes that involve pollution- from purifying water, to natural pesticides, to forest saving packaging, and a possible solution to our energy crisis.

Check it out:



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