The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability

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pdf file:  The Designers Field Guide to Sustainability



2 thoughts on “The Designer’s Field Guide to Sustainability

  1. Brian Madden

    Nice infographic! This definitely looks like it’ll be a useful (and increasingly relevant) tool as we move forward in our design careers.

    (Josh Resnick said that he’d print out a nice shiny color copy at the library for us).

  2. Kari Calenzo

    I really feel like this publication is in line with my group’s direction. We have really been trying to concern ourselves with how to make an interesting, yet easily understood, graphic interface that engages the user and this document really seems to accomplish those things in a print version.

    Sustainability and how to tackle the issues surrounding it, can be quite overwhelming. However, this PDF takes sustainability and breaks it down into digestible amounts so it becomes do-able.

    I will definitely be incorporating this publication into my toolkit to help me throughout the duration of this course and my design career.


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