Stanford Students Redesign Laptop for Disassembly

A group of Stanford Grad Students won Autodesk’s Inventor of the Month Award for the design of their Bloom laptop which can be disassembled for recycling in two minutes, using no tools.

Click here for full article on Core 77



3 thoughts on “Stanford Students Redesign Laptop for Disassembly

  1. Jay Hyun Kim

    This video shows that actual project which we are doing right now. It seems great idea to use a laptop and keyboard separately, but it will be hard to use that far (what they illustrated on video) because it is hard to see the screen.
    Other than that it is very great how they design to disassemble in 2 mins without any tools.

  2. Michele Goe

    From this design idea it looks like the team has reduced the insides of the laptop to 5 compact components (is this really feasible?)! The idea of a detachable keyboard could also add to sustainability and upgradability if it was compatible with multiple machines. This may work for a plastic enclosure but what about metal? Would the edges need a soft plastic lining where the hinges appeared? Maybe a few more parts would need to be disassembled, but overall a good idea conceptually.

  3. Joe Lapke

    This design is well thought out in terms for its end use. I can agree where there can be doubts if the design can be compatible with multiple machines. This design seems to be one of a kind where all of the internal components have been modified to fit the space and requirements of the design. What would make it more feasible and sustainable if the theory worked with current dimensions of most laptops. If quick disassemble can be accomplished with no tools, but with out making any changes to the tooling of the mold. Utilizing whats available to work with.


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