Soda bottles give light to filipino home

This guy came up with a really interesting use for old soda bottles; indoor lighting during the day time. He feels them with bleach and water (though in another video about this awhile ago I don’t think they used bleach, which would make the thing easier to dispose of later if necessary), and then sticks them in holes in the ceiling. It’s surprisingly effective and can light up a whole room.

What I find interesting about this whole concept, though, is one of my first thoughts (and others) was “that’s really cool, how can we make it work during the night?”. Perhaps this “one solution for multiple problems” is a current trend in society that is making sustainability more difficult. Rather than doing multiple tasks with multiple individual items, we see it as “more efficient” to create one product that can do it all, however complex that product may be. Maybe if we tried to break apart solutions into individual components, rather than continuing the kitchen sink approach, those individual products can be made more durable, simpler, and easier to recycle – or perhaps in our process we can find what we really *need* as opposed to what we *want*. What do you guys think? Do you have any other examples of “kitchen sink” approaches that perhaps could be served better, or even make people appreciate the tools they use more, by separating one product into multiples?

Jordan Pelovitz


3 thoughts on “Soda bottles give light to filipino home

  1. Kim

    Firstly, great find Jordan…awesome. I love that this idea came from someone who did not have a degree in sustainability or industrial design. I guess I am presuming….but the point is, great ideas do not have to come from ‘trained’ individuals. Sometimes the best ideas come from ones who are not formally trained in a field and this could be because they do not have design boundaries, or molds they are trying to fit…..

  2. Richard Hall

    I have to be honest, that is one of the more ingenious ideas I have seen in a long long time. Truly I am very impressed with how creative this is. It really makes you think about how much electricity is being used to light up buildings in the daytime and what a difference this would make in our own society. I realize that typically an American house has more than one story but this has practical applications on the top floors as well as for many houses that have only one story.

    This video really got me thinking about how much potential there is with solar energy and not in the sense of more solar panels. Why is it that our houses and buildings are designed so that we need to have the lights on in the daytime? Shouldn’t we be able to change our living arrangements so that we can maximize the natural light for as long as its available to us?


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