Bobble Bottle

 I recently purchased a bobble bottle, designed by the ever-illustrious Karim Rashid. Personally, I love his aesthetic, especially the simple forms employed in Method Home’s bottles. I am particularly in water and bottles, and decided to do a review of Rashid’s take on the product.

A testament to Rashid’s aesthetic, the bottle looked fantastic. As soon as I picked it up, however, I was somewhat disappointed. It’s hard to make a water bottle without using plastic, but the bottle is made out of PET, the same material used in disposable water bottles. It’s durability was evident the first time I used it: to drink, you have to squeeze it in order to force water through the carbon filter. Apparently it’s so flexible it creases easily.

The third day of use, the cap on the bottle developed a crack. I hadn’t abused the bottle, or really even put much stress on it all. The saddest part of all is that in those three days, I had fallen in love with the bottle. It’s water always came out tasting good, and it felt good in my hands, looked good sitting on my desk. It defeats the point of a reusable water bottle to sacrifice on durability—the biggest sustainable advantage over a disposable bottle. Not only that, but it actually counters sustainable objectives to design a successful product and give it a short lifespan.

Ben Hudson


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