Social Design

The project deals with supporting developing infrastructure and computer labs in Kenya and Tanzania.
The boston team addresses some key factors involved in promoting ICT use in underdeveloped countries, and although the idea behind it (ultimately enriching their culture through digital documentation and communication) seems like a good one, sometimes I think we have to ask ourselves why we think the rest of the world needs to be more like us. One could argue that we are the ones that need to be more like them. After all, we are the culprits of the sustainability disaster we now face.

Julian del Campo


3 thoughts on “Social Design

  1. Jordan Pelovitz

    That’s a really good point Julian; in our rush to modernize the rest of the world and bring it up to our “standards”, I think we gloss over the question of “why”; it’s almost assumed outright that for all things the Western way of life is “better”, and there doesn’t seem to be much thought to the contrary.

  2. Cornelia Marian

    Are you questioning the benefits of ICT evolution?….There is no question here. It is certainly better to live into a developed country and take advantage of its superior ITC evolution. Albeit, I agree, we need to focus our attention, a lot more, in developing sustainable ITC. Just think about, the life expectancy in our country is about 30 years higher than in those countries. And this is much owing to our advance ITC.

  3. Richard

    A higher ICT evolution does not mean a higher level of happiness or satisfaction with life. I agree with Jordan, a good question is first to ask “why”


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