EPA’s Green Living Website


This is the EPA’s sight for sustainability and green living. It gives a lot of information on how to live “green” as well as tips for things to do in your community, in your home and on the road. There are plenty of tips about shopping for products, and even a link to the EnergyStar website. There is a lot of information on air quality and water use and consumption as well as tips on reducing solid waste, which is a very important issue.

Giorgio Dell’Aiera


One thought on “EPA’s Green Living Website

  1. Kim

    The part of this website that I like, it is little box (I wish it was bigger) that is focused on teens (I wish it focused on a larger audience). The box suggests that teens think more about purchases before they act…. We make choices everyday about purchases which affect ourselves. What we often do not realize however, is how these choices affect other people. For example, today (as opposed to 50 years ago), we understand how smoking not only affects the smoker, but also how it affects the people exposed to the smoke. It is not as easy to observe the affects of upgrading to a new phone or laptop. As with smoking and secondhand smoke, upgrading our phones and/or laptops has negative externalities associated with it. Because we are so removed from them, they are difficult to conceptualize and appreciate. Hopefully, as with secondhand smoke, the negative externalities of other consumption habits, will become more integrated into our decision making processes.


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