EcoVea: A Shower that Recycles

This is really intriguing. A shower that not only looks great and has all the features you want, but wastes less water too. By having its own cell, it separates dirty and clean water and then filters the clean water for reuse. This could save up to 80% of water and energy costs. EcoVea is a great system, that will hopefully catch on and grow, because water is so precious to us.

Giorgio Dell’Aiera


4 thoughts on “EcoVea: A Shower that Recycles

  1. Dom Colaprete

    Giorgio great find! I love what Eco Vea is doing as well. I just hope that re filtering system works out to be safe but I feel like that it might be a downfall because of people actually being very cautious about this solution or recycling dirty/clean water. Very cool stuff!

  2. Richard

    I agree with your point on sanitation. That is certainly going to be a hard sell when it comes to the water that people wash themselves with. Being in the northeast we seemingly have an unlimited supply of water when in reality we don’t have to look too far to find places where water is much less abundant.

  3. Boran Song

    I also really like this design. For me, every time when I use the shower in my home, I have to put off some water, I know I am wasting water, but I have to do that. Because I have to wait for the water to be warm. This shower maybe can solve this problem.

  4. AJ Tingle

    This is an awesome idea, although I agree most people won’t exactly go for this idea because of the whole sanitation problem. I like the idea of using a small amount of hot water to maintain water temp. I feel that might even help save on other utilities.


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