Biomimicry Challenge: IDEO Taps Octopi and Flamingos to Reorganize the USGBC

Use of bio-mimicry to emulate nature’s function and behavior brings new elements to the design table. This article is an example of weaving bio-mimicry into design matters by applying principles of biological ecosystems into urban and industrial systems. A tool kit created by IDEO inspired on bio-mimicry allows for multiple design solutions such as a symbiotic and highly connected community, a hierarchical organization based on organisms contribution to the well-being of the system and additional alternatives for the development of a sustainable community. This approach is used by IDEO to make recommendations to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) on how to evaluate sustainability of buildings/ facilities.

Ana Maria


One thought on “Biomimicry Challenge: IDEO Taps Octopi and Flamingos to Reorganize the USGBC

  1. Kim

    Another example of where bio-mimicry has been used in the design process is with the company Interface. This company manufactures carpet tiles. The idea is that carpet generally needs to be replaced in pieces, not in it’s entirety. Interface supplies these tiles. When faced with the challenge of supplying replacement pieces, the colors would not match due to fading

    “It’s only in our synthetic world that we want perfection — one shade, no blemishes,” says designer David Oakey. “If we can’t match a carpet’s color exactly, we call it a defect. Nature doesn’t work that way.” Like fallen leaves, riverbed stones, or a field of wildflowers, each Entropy carpet tile is distinct and varied, yet when laid together, they blend into a cohesive pattern. Because Entropy can use multiple dye lots and be set in any direction, there’s less waste during the production and installation processes….”

    Using bio-mimicry, Interface promotes the beauty of randomness.


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