E-Learning Africa 2010 Using, Sharing and Repurposing OER

I thought this site was really interesting as it aligns with what one of the groups is doing for their long project.  That is, incorporating ICT into the classrooms using open sourcing.  I think this is an indicator that this team is on to something.  Also, this site provides some funding information.




2 thoughts on “E-Learning Africa 2010 Using, Sharing and Repurposing OER

  1. Dave Vincenzi

    This was a very interesting article and video. It seems as though the re-purposing of ICT’s is a viable idea and will help to solve problems greater than the initial ones of e-waste. It can help to educate others, in doing so these new generations an be taught important life lessons regarding sustainability and the potential in the world around them. Hopefully more programs similar to this begin to pop up all over the world.

  2. Cornelia Marian

    This article is very helpful for my team project.
    I have search more about this subject and I found that at the conference held in Lusaka, Zambia, from the 25-28th May 2010 it was approached this controversy of providing individual access to ICT through the program E-learning Africa.


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