Design for your product lifetime showcase: Erin Fong redesigns the SLR camera

Autodesk Sustainability fosters the use of sustainability tools as well as design for the environment thinking in the design process.
The results is an innovative digital camera that enhances user experience, considers the end of life effects of a product and prepares it for it. This is one of the successful examples of the industry – academia relationship enabling sustainable design solutions. Seamlessly   sustainability strategies are implemented in design thanks to the evolution of design for the environment tools that support the design process.
Ana Maria

3 thoughts on “Design for your product lifetime showcase: Erin Fong redesigns the SLR camera

  1. Kim

    What I thought was interesting about this article, beyond simply the improved camera design, is what she said about trying to make a product more sustainable… She said, “Usually, somewhere in the sketching and prototyping phase is where I will “hit a wall” because when striving to make a product the best that it can be from my understanding, there often comes a point when I need to decide what is the most important aspect that I need to focus on. Getting past this part usually gives me a firmer grasp and a clear vision for the product I am creating”. This is one of the main struggles with this type of project. That is, remembering that while it would be great to improve the design of a product in all aspects of the life-cycle, it does not usually occur. Instead, we have to focus on the trade-offs that are being made to improve the overall performance of the product.

  2. Cornelia Marian

    If you are shooting in any but ideal light condition that will require longer exposure time, you’ll produce poor quality pictures. Without a good grip you will not be able to stabilize the camera enough to get a crisp image. In the same time, depend on the lens weight; it may be difficult to hold the camera more than a few seconds, waiting for the perfect shoot.

  3. Tess

    The strong point if this article is that Core 77 is looking to students to learn more about sustainability, just as this class is. Educating future designers is one of the main ways sustainability will become the norm in future consumer products. The camera that was designed encourages users to find out why that product is special and to hopefully look for more like it.


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