Project 2: Business of the Future

Sust Prod Design 9.25-1Students learn about Staples Inc.’s sustainability efforts in the Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab at RIT. 

Sustainable Product Design students, with support from Staples Inc., are exploring the ‘business of the future.’ In teams of 4-5, students are investigating current tools, systems and user behavior in different types of office environments (home office, mobile, distributed and corporate) and identifying trends, user needs and possibilities.

The teams will then design an innovative solution for “the business of the future” – a concept that responds to emerging trends around the office and offers sustainable solutions to merging traditional business functions and high mobility as well as digital and analog content. This solution can focus on a specific product, user behavior, or a whole system as well and should align with Staple’s philosophy on sustainability.

Stay posted for updates for project updates.


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