The application of sustainability and product design methods. Lectures and projects will incorporate strategies such as effective sustainability methods and life-cycle assessment; enhancement of product value and prolonged use; and balance between recycling, reusing and repurposing.

Sustainable Product Design enables an interdisciplinary collaboration between Sustainability and Industrial Design. Both areas will offer their unique approach while learning and integrating knowledge from each other. Sustainable Product Design will experiment with different strategies for integrating sustainability objectives in the design of electronic products. Student groups will investigate redesign of notebook computers to minimize material use, energy consumption, and waste generation and to maximize innovation, user satisfaction, and economic viability.

by Brian Madden; Senior Industrial Design Student

Course Goals

Better understanding of effective sustainable strategies applied to product design.
Enabling of interdisciplinary collaboration between students from GIS and CIAS.
Development of solutions that offer more responsible alternatives to traditional modelsof New Product Development.